College Recruiting

Director Eric Bulmahn will take the lead on assisting families at Vision with their recruiting needs

Through Eric’s 16 years as a top coach in the Midwest, he has helped over 80 athletes receive scholarships in conferences across the United States. Currently, Eric is assisting numerous athletes at various levels of college recruitment and can offer your family guidance through the often-confusing recruiting process.

Vision believes that the family should take the lead in college recruitment as it is a personal decision. However, Vision’s staff contains numerous coaches with backgrounds suited to support a family’s journey.

Vision offers no gimmicks or guarantees of scholarships because ultimately the family and the athlete should determine what school is best suited for them.

Ultimate happiness at a college or university occurs when the family and athlete play a major role. Transfer rates are too high because too often the system is short-changed.

Eric and Vision’s staff are there to support this process and our families.

Here are some areas where Vision can support the recruiting process:

  • Preparation of recruiting video
  • Recruitment Seminars
  • Contact liaison between college coaches and family
  • Assistance with NCAA rules interpretations
  • Drafting of letters of recommendation for student-athletes within club

To find out more, call Eric Bulmahn at (317) 727-0771 or send an email to